Hot on the job site? Indoors?

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Here is a list of the best portable fans. Reviewed for you by Popular Mechanics!


New Technology: Pipe tools that you probably didn’t know existed

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Here are some of the latest pipe tools from Rothenberger. We had no idea that most of these existed.

Multi-tools. Some are garbage, some are awesome. These are all awesome

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There is always a glut of multi-tools on the market. Here are 5 that we think are pretty extraordinary. My personal favorite is the Lever Gear toolcard. Check them out.

Homemade tools from a drill

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If you ever needed a desk blower, now you know how to make one. And 3 other crazy tools.

Tricks With Framing Square From “Classic Work”

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Classic Work has a great channel here with lots of good stuff. Here are some tips and tricks on the framing square.

Top 10 Cordless Drills for 2017

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Want To Buy The Best Cordless Drill In 2017? Here are 10 reviews. If you like one, go directly to the Youtube page and it has links to the individual drills on Amazon.