43 Trade School Jobs Among the Highest Paying Trades

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A recent article lists various high-paying trade jobs. Of the 43 highest paying jobs, 23 of them are considered skilled trades.

You can see the whole list here:

Housing Permits Down In San Diego by 37%

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Housing construction collapses in San Diego County

The San Diego Union Tribune just posted a video about the recent sudden drop in permits being issues (37% in San Diego!) We aren’t seeing a slowdown, are you?

Entire article:

How To: Calculating Hourly Rates for a Contractor or Small Business

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Are you just starting out in your business? If you need a simple way to come up with an hourly rate for a contractor or small business owner watch this video.

[(hourly rate) + (direct expenses) + indirect expenses)] / Profit

What is a Reasonable Profit in Construction?

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ServicePair’s goal is to help put food on the table for skilled tradespeople. We try to collect up and post helpful business articles so contractors can improve their business acumen. The article authored by David J Hoare helps explain how you get to a 9% profit margin…after you include the owner’s salary.

What is a Reasonable Profit in Construction?

Profit Markup vs. Margin – Simple Formula, Common Mistake

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A lot of contractors incorrectly calculate profit on their estimates. Most contractors use the markup method – but this method will leave your bottom line coming up short every time! In this brief video, they explain the difference between a markup and a margin, and how to use a profit margin formula on your estimates that will give you an accurate profit every time

It works for contractors too!

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You might want to check out Warren Buffett’s top 10 rules for success. The very first thing is “Find your passion!”

What is a construction worker salary these days?

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I recently saw this and thought I would post. I disagree with the numbers offered in here but maybe because I only deal with licensed skilled professionals. Any thoughts?

Details about this chart

Construction Worker Salaries



How much markup on materials?

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Lots of contractors are leaving money on the table by not adding markup to materials. Do yourself a big favor and start if you aren’t.

More here:

7 Top Home Improvement Trends for 2017

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Smart technologies, softer finishes, and toilets that clean themselves make this year’s watch list.

“…A team of Consumer Reports home editors and market analysts joined more than 80,000 design and construction professionals at the Orange County Convention Center, where about 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers unveiled their latest appliances, kitchen and bath fixtures, building materials, and more. A trade show of this size and scale almost defies trendspotting, but patterns did emerge as we traversed the 569,000 square feet of floor space. Here are seven developments we expect to see more of in 2017. We included pricing and availability information, where we could…”