ServicePair connects contractors and designers with skilled trades professionals and labor.

My name is Chad Arendsen (CA Lic# 841527) and I am a 4th generation contractor/builder who has made a living from the success of the San Deigo construction company that I built, Chad of All Trades.  Over the last 15 years in this business, I have also helped other construction companies like Mednick’s Plumbing and Solid Foundation Tile grow their businesses and be successful.

From Building Houses to Apps

In 2010, when the construction industry was at a near stop, I realized that it would only be a matter of time before things turned around again and the industry would be back on its feet, so I spent the next 5 years expanding my network and nurturing relationships in preparation for that time to come.  In 2015, those bets paid off and as things began to get really busy again, and I had a strong team and processes to be able to execute the work that was coming in.

But then I made a second observation – not all contractors had done the same thing.  In fact, so many people had gone out of business during those 5 years that there were many in the industry scrambling to find new trades people to do all of the work.  And the sub trade businesses that “survived the recession” were desperate to find qualified help and labor in order to service the contractors and designers that were bringing them all this new business.

Where had all of the skilled trades and labor gone?

They had taken up secondary professions or become industry Ronin —  taking odd jobs in different trade categories each day, just to stay busy.  But they were ready to transition back into construction, but did not have the time or resources to do it.  They had lost connection with their previous employer, or their previous employer was out of business, or they had moved to another state . . . or . . . or . . . or.  Story after story, they all left for different reasons but were ready to come back!

The answer was ServicePair – the first ever Mobile App built by a construction professional, for people in the construction industry, to CONNECT people in the construction industry.

  • An app that eliminates 3rd party middle-men and consumer interference
  • A bilingual App that allows contractors, designers, subs, trade workers and laborers to all operate on equal ground and self-manage their interactions with one another
  • An app that is just as important as any other tool in YOUR toolbox

Join ServicePair now and become part of the #1 Construction Network in the world.

Thank you!